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What Would You Choose: Money or More Flexibility?

A recent Meetville.com survey found that most people would prefer more flexibility and free time over money. Continue reading

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6 Tips to Overcome Overload

We’re living in a fast-paced, technology-centered world, and that can take a toll on your productivity and performance. Use these tactics to minimize the pain associated with cyber-overload—and prevent total burnout: Limit multitasking and task switching. If you want to … Continue reading

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Recover from a HUGE Productivity Killer

When someone or something kills your productivity, follow these steps. Continue reading

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Log progress against stress

Face the causes of your stress head-on and work through them. Continue reading

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Work through a slump

Ensure that you don’t sabotage yourself or your organization when you’re feeling down. Continue reading

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Relax Already! For Dummies® Shares Ten Habits of Highly Effective Stress Managers

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re like the millions of people who are stressed in every aspect of their lives: at work, at home, in relationships, financially and even by the “little” things like traffic jams and rude cashiers. Continue reading

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Resilience training revives productivity

Experts say that resilience training may be a top contender to replace traditional stress management techniques. Continue reading

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Don’t be afraid to ask for help

I have to tell you, this week was an insane one for me. I was up against a big deadline, while juggling some exciting new projects. Continue reading

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Napping at work: A do or don’t?

I recently received a press release from Challenger, Gray, & Christmas, Inc that really sparked my interest. The title of the piece was “Are Naps the Key to Productivity?” and it cited a 2007 study from NASA that found that a … Continue reading

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Be the boss, not a therapist

Looking back at my least productive days as a manager, it always came down to people problems. The promising employee who wasn’t performing. The toxic employee who had the rest of the team in a tizzy. The employee who sat and vented about the stress of work, instead of actually doing the work … Continue reading

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