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5 Tips for Working With a Disorganized Boss

Working with a forgetful, disorganized supervisor is challenging and reduces your productivity. Ease your frustration by implementing these tactics: Continue reading

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What to Say to a Procrastinator

Communicate directly with employees who drag their feet. Continue reading

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Where’s Your Sanity? Five Simple Ways to Deal with Feeling Crazed

Everybody is overwhelmed and nobody is afraid to talk about it. Historically speaking, we are more sophisticated than ever emotionally; we are highly aware of what we feel, and we can talk about it. Continue reading

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Ready to Run: Top Five Reasons Why You Need a Goals Partner

Most of us started the new year determined to achieve our resolutions. We started January with a bang, super enthusiastic, and determined to make this year more successful than ever. Continue reading

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Focus on efficient communication

Stop by OrganizedExecutive.com to read this month’s Focus On Efficient Communication section, which includes the following tips and articles. Can you pass the clarity test? Improve team communication Avoid absolutes Choose your words wisely Connect weekly Replace jargon While you … Continue reading

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Priceless ways to recognize your staff

Rewarding team members doesn’t have to be costly or complicated. Simple and sincere recognition will raise spirits more than an expensive token will. Here are some ideas to recognize your staff:  Invite a senior executive to attend a team meeting … Continue reading

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Be the boss, not a therapist

Looking back at my least productive days as a manager, it always came down to people problems. The promising employee who wasn’t performing. The toxic employee who had the rest of the team in a tizzy. The employee who sat and vented about the stress of work, instead of actually doing the work … Continue reading

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Is your EQ and high as your IQ?

Book smart and people stupid. We’ve all seen intelligent people who are blind to what those around them are thinking or feeling, or who want to control others but can’t control their own emotions. I’ve been that person too. I can recall times in my career when I failed to connect with people, to effectively describe my position to others and to provide feedback in a constructive way. I knew what to do, but I lacked the emotional intelligence that would show me how to accomplish it … Continue reading

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Limit interruptions from office visitors

After telecommuting for more than a decade, I had forgotten one of the productivity benefits: no visitors. My co-workers are in another state, so they never pop in, sit down and start chatting. Last Friday a visit from a cat that was trying to make friends with my Newfoundland puppy reminded me how disruptive visitors can be. They break your concentration, steal your time and fail to take your hint that it’s time to leave …. Continue reading

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Never send these emails on Friday afternoon

Several years ago, an article by Tim Ferriss made me aware of the bad habit of sending “BIF” (Before I Forget) emails during off-hours. As the author of The 4-hour Workweek, explained, that sets an expectation of people working 24/7. Soon afterward, I realized that I was guilty of sending another annoying type of email. I call it the Friday afternoon “Tag—You’re It.” … Continue reading

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