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Provide Foolproof Instructions

When staffers follow instructions correctly the first time, their productivity soars and your
frustration level drops. Continue reading

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Great Online Resource for Remote Workers

Great Online Resource for Remote Workers Continue reading

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Make steady improvement all year long in 2013

In the next few days many people will make grand plans for what they will do better in the new year. By Feb. 1, many of those good intentions will have failed.

If you’re serious about being more effective at work, we encourage you to take small steps to big improvements. Instead of trying to do everything at once, make one change at a time. Continue reading

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Our way of saying “Thanks!”

Thanksgiving is next week, and we want to take a moment to thank you—our valued readers—for reading this blog. Continue reading

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Be the boss, not a therapist

Looking back at my least productive days as a manager, it always came down to people problems. The promising employee who wasn’t performing. The toxic employee who had the rest of the team in a tizzy. The employee who sat and vented about the stress of work, instead of actually doing the work … Continue reading

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Is your EQ and high as your IQ?

Book smart and people stupid. We’ve all seen intelligent people who are blind to what those around them are thinking or feeling, or who want to control others but can’t control their own emotions. I’ve been that person too. I can recall times in my career when I failed to connect with people, to effectively describe my position to others and to provide feedback in a constructive way. I knew what to do, but I lacked the emotional intelligence that would show me how to accomplish it … Continue reading

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Do it on your time

I love the practice of shifting when I do things to save time and avoid hassles. When I was a freelancer, I arranged my schedule so that I could do the grocery shopping on a weekday morning and steer clear of the frantic after-work rush during the week or the Saturday shopping frenzy. These days I shop early Sunday morning or on a weeknight after dinner, whenever possible … Continue reading

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