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Don’t Let Good Ideas Die

Leaders who focus solely on “the next big thing” may pass by numerous employees’ suggestions and solutions. Continue reading

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5 Tips for Working With a Disorganized Boss

Working with a forgetful, disorganized supervisor is challenging and reduces your productivity. Ease your frustration by implementing these tactics: Continue reading

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8 Habits of Effective Critical Thinkers

10 ways to become a better critical thinker at work and in life. Continue reading

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Solve problems in an hour or less

Keep problem-solving meetings brief by enforcing strict time limits on discussions. Divide meetings into these three 20-minute segments: Define.When possible, specify the problem in advance. Then use the first 20 minutes of the meeting to identify potential root causes and … Continue reading

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The top 5 pitfalls that derail corporate decision making

Today’s decision makers are up against a long list of pitfalls and obstacles that prevent them from making sound decisions. Fortunately, once you know what you’re up against, you can take the proper steps to correct it. Here are the top five decision-making pitfalls that get in the way of organizational success: Continue reading

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Guidelines for streamlining processes

Overworked employees who are handling larger workloads are experiencing higher stress, and could be on the verge of burnout, so now is the time to question just how efficient your organization is. Continue reading

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Be the boss, not a therapist

Looking back at my least productive days as a manager, it always came down to people problems. The promising employee who wasn’t performing. The toxic employee who had the rest of the team in a tizzy. The employee who sat and vented about the stress of work, instead of actually doing the work … Continue reading

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Tap into new hires’ insight

A new employee who’s young might have useful knowledge about social media, the latest technology or the newest trends popular among your youngest customers. A new employee who’s been in the working world for a while might have wisdom about your competitors’ strategies, alternative methods for common tasks or more efficient programs. You certainly want to make the most of that knowledge and wisdom, if it’s there. But don’t forget to seek out the insight that all your new employees will have: insight into the hiring process … Continue reading

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The missing role from your meetings

I was surprised to see a page in my fourth-grader’s school folder describing roles that are common in effective meetings. Titled “Cooperative Group Role Cards,” the page was created by the International Reading Association and National Council of Teachers of … Continue reading

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10 questions to improve your productivity

To do the right things, first you must identify what those actions are. Productivity coach Bruce Lee recommends regularly asking yourself these questions: How well does my use of time match my priorities? What am I doing that doesn’t really … Continue reading

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