When Opportunity Knocks, Do This

Take the guesswork out of accepting or declining opportunities. Logically analyze the pains and gains. As you discover more about the offer, consider these important questions:

  • Does the opportunity align with my career goals? An opportunity that deviates from your 5- or 10-year plan may not be worth your time.
  • How will I benefit from this opportunity? Identify the specific advantages and challenges of the opportunity before moving forward.
  • What is the cost of pursuing this opportunity? Whether money, time or effort, everything comes with a cost. Make sure what you gain from the opportunity outweighs its price.
  • Is the opportunity right for me at this time? Since timing is everything, contemplate your readiness, schedule, resources and other practical considerations before accepting the offer.

— Adapted from “Five Questions to Ask Yourself When an Opportunity Comes,” Brandon Jones, Leadership Done Right, http://leadershipdoneright.com.

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