Ready to Run: Top Five Reasons Why You Need a Goals Partner

This is a guest post by Onyx Jones.

Most of us started the new year determined to achieve our resolutions. We started January with a bang, super enthusiastic, and determined to make this year more successful than ever. Unfortunately, by late February to early March we have fizzled out, achieving only a few milestones along the way. 

But, what if we had the right goals partner to support us along the way? A great amount of energy is created when you have someone in your corner encouraging you to be great.  “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much,” quoted by Helen Keller.

A goals partner should be someone who you have mutual respect for, who you communicate well with, someone who has time available for you, someone who is willing to compromise when necessary, someone who shares some of you core values, and most important someone you can have fun with. The person can be your husband, wife, fiancé, boyfriend, girlfriend, “wannabe” boyfriend or “wannabe girlfriend.” Or a goals partner can also be any person with whom you have a close relationship with (family member, mother, father, sister, brother, grandparent, cousin, best friend, mentor, pastor, ministry leader or someone from a support group). 

Why? Because …

  1. You need someone to give you honest feedback as you pursue your goals.  You won’t be living in la-la land when someone can give you a nice little reality check.
  2. You need to build positive relationships with people. A supportive environment gets created because you and your goals partner are both focused on achieving goals and creating success.  There’s no time to be bitter and blame others for a lack of success.
  3. It’s a lot easier to get things done and a whole lot more fun. You can bounce ideas off your goals partner, and he or she can help you stay on track or even help you with some of the tasks needed to achieve your goals. A goals partner can also make the journey more fun and there’s someone to laugh hysterically with.
  4. You now have DOUBLE. Double the experience, double the knowledge and double the encouragement.
  5. You are more likely to actually achieve your goals. A great amount of passion and energy is generated when you are working with someone whom you respect and who respects you. It’s so powerful when you are achieving the goals you set out to achieve and your goals partner is there at the finish line cheering wildly for your success.

About the Author

Onyx Jones is an accomplished entrepreneur, administrator, and accountant. Over the past 16 years she has assisted companies and cities of various sizes to be successful in their financial operations. She has conducted financial software workshops, presentations for staff training, federal and state compliance seminars, and written various manuals (I.e. standard operating procedures, budget manuals, financial reporting manuals, etc.). Her vast background in accounting has allowed her to specialize not only in for-profit industries, but also non-profit and government agencies. Her new book “The UNOfficial Guide to Achieving Your Goals” is now available.


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