Become a mentally tough leader

To be a truly successful leader—one whom people follow and emulate—you need to develop mental toughness. Doing so allows you to take risks, recover from failures, and manage the inevitable ups and downs of business. Follow these tips from psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker Amy Morin to become mentally tough:

  • Stop feeling sorry for yourself. You can’t focus on how you’ve been mistreated or blame the world for your problems. Take responsibility for your actions and learn from your mistakes.
  • Be open to change. Make a continuous effort to welcome change so that you don’t become complacent or indifferent.
  • Forget about pleasing everyone. You will never make everyone happy, so stop trying to. Be fair and kind, but know when to say “No.”
  • Move past the past. Focus on what is happening now and what you want to happen in the future. Don’t spend your time and energy focusing on what might have been, the letdowns in your past or by reliving the old days.
  • Learn from your mistakes. Accept that you failed, analyze what you did wrong and don’t make the same mistakes twice.
  • Celebrate others’ successes. Stop being jealous over other people’s good luck and accomplishments. Instead, assess what the person did to succeed and then work hard to match that success—without seeking shortcuts.
  • Quit feeling entitled. Even if you’ve been at it a long time, you aren’t entitled to a job, a certain salary or perks. You have to work for you what you want, day in and day out. You should receive only what you deserve.

— Adapted from “Mentally Strong People: The 13 Things They Avoid,” Cheryl Conner, Forbes,

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