Reach Your Goals in 2014

Make this year be the year that you hit all of your business goals. Do this:

  • Gain feedback from frontline employees. Service professionals and other employees who have regular face time with customers know better than the guys and gals sitting in the C-suite about what the organization needs to do to succeed. Have every department provide feedback about the goals you should set for next year.
  • Hire “goal-getters.” During recruiting and interviewing, search for candidates with a proven track record of meeting short- and long-term goals. Ask them to bring to interviews evidence of when they met goals. Examples: website analytics, sales reports or product redesigns.
  • Revise goals regularly. You should go into January with a comprehensive list of the goals you want to meet next year. However, you need to revise those goals as you progress through the year. Review them monthly and make changes based on market conditions, your organization’s priorities and any new information that you learn.
  • Prevent overpromising. Most people reward employees and managers when they meet goals, and that is a good practice. However, you also need to have in place consequences for overpromising and failing to meet unrealistic goals. Setting unattainable goals is a drain on everyone’s time; prevent people—specifically managers—from asking too much of their staffs and themselves by imposing penalties when they overshoot and fail. That could be withholding a bonus or cutting a budget.

— Adapted from “How to Reach Every Business Goal—Even If the Economy Is in the Gutter,” Les McKeown,

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