Make Strong Connections at Work

Taking time to meet people at various levels of the organization pays huge dividends in networking and good will. However, you need to know more than just the names of the receptionist, assistants, interns and others who often are overlooked. Learn these things about them:

  •  How they contribute. Learn more than their job titles. Show an understanding of how they contribute to your organization’s success.
  •  Their strengths. By recognizing what they do well, you will identify ways to better use their talents.
  •  The goals they have set. Treat them like everyone else in your network. You should know how to recognize opportunities to enable them to reach their goals.
  •  What energizes them. Be ready to talk about something that will engage and excite them, whether that is a pet project, a pet dog or a favorite sports team.

– Adapted from “9 Things You Must Absolutely Do to Have Winning Relationships at Work,” Robin Sharma,

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