Learning Opportunity: Conversations that Build Accoutability

Join Natalie Manor, people development expert, on October 17, 2013 from 1:30-2:30 for the Conversations that Build Accountability audio conference event!

Why can’t your staff get things done?

Maybe they don’t care. Maybe they can’t prioritize. Maybe they don’t know what to do or how you want it done.

It doesn’t matter. You’re about to discover how simple “accountability conversations” sweep away excuses and confusion to power your team toward all-new performance.

Register now for Conversations That Build Accountability. In this 60-minute audio conference, leadership expert Natalie R. Manor reveals how to get your team taking all-new initiative to talk about projects, next steps, needed outcomes and desired results so you achieve results – easier, faster and better than ever before.

Accountability creates commitment – and achievement. Using the strategies you’ll learn, you can get more from fewer meetings. You can eliminate confusion and constant nagging regarding when something is due and who’s going to do it. And, you create positive, “get it done” excitement that quickly turns a high-performance culture into a whole team of high-performers.

Reserve your space now to start the conversation about accountability in your organization, including:

  • Why accountability and commitment drive performance and morale
  • How unclear communication can undermine other people’s performance
  • Why accountability is win-win for the business and for individuals
  • How to swap nagging, excuses and blame for trust, communication and results
  • How to assess levels of accountability to build clarity and confidence
  • How to spot – and defuse — four common accountability and commitment busters
  • Specific ways to manage more easily and effectively by inspiring and motivating accountability and commitment in everyone you supervise

Register now for Conversations that Build Accountability and use your new skills to change everything from how things get done to how fast you’re all moving forward!

Natalie R. Manor, founder and CEO of Natalie Manor & Associates (NMA). Natalie is recognized worldwide as a leader in “people development.” A highly effective coach and teacher, Natalie uses her expertise and creativity to innovate best practices for leadership, communication and performance management that accelerate the development of staff and leaders into individuals who are clear, confident and effective at moving their organizations forward. She has appeared on many TV programs, as a keynote speaker and is a prolific writer and co-author of five books “Give Stress a Rest”, “Wholehearted Success”, “Magnetic Leadership”, “Communicate Clearly, Confidently, and Credibly”. Manor’s latest book is “Roadmap to Success” which she co-authored with Ken Blanchard, Mr. “One Minute Manager” and Stephen Covey, author of the wildly successful “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

She is certified by the American Society for Training and Development and a former member of the ICF and NSA. She holds the distinction as a certified executive coach. She was educated in Psychology and Education from Ohio University and has advanced training from Georgetown University, James Madison University, University of Lowell and the University of New Hampshire.

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