Create checklists for any type of task

Take some of the strain off your brain. Rely on checklists to simplify and improve any process. With that one tool, you gain these benefits:

  • Never forget an item. Whether you are packing for a business trip or firing an employee, a checklist ensures that in the moment you don’t neglect any detail.
  • Standardize processes. When you discover a successful way to do something, a checklist ensures that you can replicate that process every time.
  • Delegate with ease. By writing out all the steps in an easy-to-follow checklist, you can turn assignments over to other people and be confident that they will know exactly what to do.
  • Minimize stress. When you aren’t trying to remember everything, your mind is free to concentrate on important matters. Put processes in writing and free your brain.

To encourage you to start using checklists, we’ve provided one you can use when you delegate work to employees. It will help ensure that you get the results you expect. Download “Set Clear Expectations” from the Free Reports section of

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