Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Jaimy todo listI have to tell you, this week was an insane one for me. I was up against a big deadline, while juggling some exciting new projects. Plus, I still needed to complete all the little mundane tasks of my job. By mid-week, it became very clear that I simply had too much to do.

I always do my best to practice what I preach in The Organize Executive, so I don’t usually feel overwhelmed by work. However, this week got the best of me, and I had to cry “Uncle!” and ask for help.

I’m very lucky because I work with a great group of people. Our production manager didn’t think twice when I asked for an extension on a deadline. Another coworker offered to take a task off my hands. My boss even jumped in and helped me out with an important to-do. They gave me the breathing room I need to focus on my most important task of the week, and I am so grateful. I hit my deadline and feel great about the work I produced.

I don’t like it when I can’t manage the chaos, and I’ll admit that my ego takes a bit of a blow when I do need to ask for help. Perhaps you feel the same way, believing that you should be able to handle anything that comes at you. However, to maintain the quality of our work and complete our priorities, we need to ask for help every once in a while.

More important: We need to offer our help to others when they need it too. I know three people in particular who can count on me the next time they’re feeling a little overwhelmed!

What’s one coping strategy you use to manage an overwhelming work week?

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