Quick tips for Tuesday

Time-Management TipsIt takes time and effort to become a time-management expert. However, as the quick and easy tips from the April issue of The Organized Executive will show you, little changes can make a huge difference and move you closer to that goal.

Manage your time more effectively this week with three simple improvements:

  1. Focus on important work. At the beginning of each week, set three work priorities. Then allot one-third of your time to focus on those goals, or roughly 13 hours for a 40-hour workweek. If initially, you don’t think you can allot that much time for your most important goals, figure out a way to. Delegate tasks, decline meetings that aren’t necessary for you to attend, and park or trash tasks that aren’t worth doing right now.
  2. Ensure pinpoint focus during meetings. When you draft the agenda for your next meeting, state the purpose of the meeting at the top of the page, and then write 5-6 bullet points that detail the desired result of the meeting. Whenever people speak, they should explain how what they’re saying corresponds to one of the bullets. If they can’t draw that connection, they shouldn’t speak.
  3. Share knowledge. At the beginning of meetings, ask your employees to share with one another anything new they learned about the business, including customers, competitors, products and processes. They should also share if they learned anything that allows them to do their jobs better or more easily. Those mini-learning sessions can prevent mistakes and save time for your entire team and their staffs.

What are your best time-management tips?

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