Take the fear out of delegating

DelegateTurn over assignments with confidence by asking employees these questions whenever you delegate work:

  • Do you feel confident you can handle this assignment? 
  • What do you need from me in order to complete the work correctly and by the deadline? 
  • How do you think you will start the assignment? 
  • What steps will you take? 
  • What obstacles do you anticipate?
  • What will you do if you run into challenges?

As they respond, clarify any misunderstandings or confusion. Briefly offer suggestions for overcoming any challenges. Next, provide them with needed resources, and let them know you have confidence in them but that they can come to you with any questions. Then back off and let them impress you.

Note: You may want to provide these questions in a form employees can complete and give back to you so that they don’t feel like they are being put on the spot. We have provided a print-ready version for you under the Free Reports section at http://www.OrganizedExecutive.com.

— Adapted from “8 Steps to Becoming the Manager Your Employees Need,” Business Management Daily, wwwbusinessmanagementdaily

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