Basic tips that lead to better meetings

MeetingProductive meetings do not happen by accident. You can ensure better results for your next meeting if you do these three things:

  1. Plan the right length. People become tired and lose focus and creativity after two or three hours of meeting. If the meeting will require too much time, break the agenda into two or more sessions and schedule follow-up meetings at an appropriate time.
  2. Post clear, results-oriented meeting objectives. “Discuss marketing strategy” does not meet that criterion. “Choose marketing campaign and select launch date” does. Make sure that attendees agree with and support those objectives.
  3. Record assignments, decisions and deferred issues. Include who is responsible for each along with a deadline. Record assignments and decisions on several flip chart sheets you hang on the wall. Label them “Decisions made today,” “Issues for future meetings” and “Action items.”

— Adapted from Teamwork From Start to Finish, Fran Rees, Pfeiffer,

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3 Responses to Basic tips that lead to better meetings

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  2. And only invite people that need to be there!

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