Pump up your team

In a poll we ran last month for The Organized Executive, only 20% of the readers who responded said that their team is highly energized and focused. Most described their employees as plodding along and making steady progress. One said the team is “stressed out” because of the end of the fiscal year.

You can’t afford to let your team coast or be frazzled. Instead of waiting until Jan. 1 to roll out new goals and processes, stop now and refocus. Take these actions to end 2012 with a bang instead of a thud:

  • Analyze your current status. Is your team on track to reach your goals for the year? Are the goals unrealistic? Are they too easy? Set specific targets for year’s end.
  • Review what has changed. Talk with your team about how your organization and results have evolved over the year. Have you continued to do something that you should stop, freeing time and other resources for another opportunity? Do changes in your staff require you to revisit work assignments or allow you to initiate something?
  • Identify opportunities. Calculate the number of work days left in your office, based on scheduled holidays. (It’s probably around 30). Then write an action plan to take maximum advantage of each day. Perhaps one week you will focus on calling existing customers, the next week you will renew contacts with customers you haven’t heard from lately and in the third week you will reach out to new prospects.

Make the most of the final workdays in 2012 and you will begin 2013 with momentum pushing you forward.

What are you doing now to guarantee a successful start to next year?

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