5 time sucks I avoid

15 time wasters successful people avoid

I love the “15 Time Wasters Successful People Avoid” infographic on Mike Myatt’s N2Growth blog. It’s a great reminder to all of us to develop productive habits.

Building on Mike’s list, here are a few smaller types of time wasters that I avoid:

  1. Silly emails. I enjoy a laugh as much as the next person, but my friends and family know not to bombard me with the latest viral email. On the rare occasion when they do send one, it’s really funny.
  1. Television. I’ve never seen any of the talent shows like American Idol or Dancing With the Stars, or any of the so-called reality shows with housewives, Kardashians or folks from the Jersey Shore. When I do watch television, I minimize the time by using a digital video recorder. I can enjoy all the laughs from The Big Bang Theory in about two-thirds the time of a live episode. Often I’ll also multitask while watching television, sewing, brushing the dogs or exercising.
  1. Searching for things. I can be confident that my keys will be in one of three places: in my hand, in my purse or on a hook. I have systems for naming computer documents and where I file them.
  1. Failing to take a break. When I’m “in the zone,” I keep working. But when I’m slogging along and having trouble focusing, I find that a short break clears my mind and allows me to work more effectively when I return.
  1. Repeating work. I create AutoText entries and templates for things that I write often. When I cook a complicated dinner, I double or triple the recipe and freeze the extra meals.

How have you minimized the time you waste?

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