What’s killing your workplace productivity?

There’s only one way to be sure that you have effective work habits: Track how you actually spend your time. The results will show whether you are a master of workplace productivity or a slave to distractions.

In a recent survey by the time-tracking app OfficeTime, 100 business professionals revealed some of the biggest causes of wasted time each day:

  • 64% of respondents said they spend up to an hour on social networking sites.
  • 59% surf the Internet for up to an hour.
  • 49% spend up to an hour in meetings.
  • 40% spend an average of one to three hours dealing with email. (In an earlier OfficeTime.net survey, 47% of the respondents identified email as their biggest time killer.)
  • 34% admitted procrastinating for 30 minutes to an hour.

“At the end of each day, many people look back and wonder where all the time went,” Stephen Dodd, founder of OfficeTime.net, said in releasing the results. “By tracking your time each day, you not only answer that question, but can make better decisions about how you spend your time to become more efficient and productive.”

We identified other sources of wasted time in a recent issue of our free e-letter, The Organized Executive’s Priority One. You can read our tips for dealing with three types of time management problems on our Workplace Survival blog here.

What hampers your workplace productivity?

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2 Responses to What’s killing your workplace productivity?

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  2. Thomas says:

    Great post, thanks. And highly relevant. For tracking your time, you should also consider TimeSheet Reporter (http://www.timesheetreporter.com), which allows you to report time via Outlook.


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