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If you always carry a phone with you, it makes sense to put to-do list software on it. After all, having a to-do list with you is critical to making it a valuable productivity tool.

Today there’s an app for every style, from super simple lists that mimic written versions to high-tech software. Here are three popular types of to-do list software to consider:

  • Remember the Milk, which quickly emerged as a favorite free app, now works across multiple programs. It integrates with Outlook, Gmail, Twitter and more. Receive reminders by email, text message or instant message, and see your tasks on a map.
  • TeuxDeux is a simple system that allows you to enter tasks under a specific day or on a Someday list. Drag and drop tasks or allow today’s unfinished task to automatically advance to tomorrow’s list. The browser-based program is free, and the iPhone app is $2.99. The developer also is working on other platforms, including the Android operating system.
  • Any.DO is receiving a lot of buzz right now, because the free app has expanded from Android to the iOS and a Web app. Any.DO works with gesture controls and voice commands, and it will synch among your devices.

Tell us about your favorite to-do list software and why you love it.

[Image Source: Johan Larsson]

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3 Responses to Choose your to-do list software

  1. adam says:

    Here’s a to-do list app I built recently because the others didn’t quite meet my requirements:

    It’s a bit simpler than most of the offerings (which some people will like and others might not) but the main difference is that your to-do list is merged with a calendar of your working hours so you can predict when you will actually get to work on a task.

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